SWEPCO is coming to Missouri – You are not going to like it!

To avoid a significant rate increase in your electric bills call your Utility Company and ask them to stop the SWEPCO project.

Please go to www.StopLines.com Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) Docket 13-041-U, and make a public comment to stop the SWEPCO project.

Please call the MO Public Service Commission (573) 751-3234, Ext 0 and ask what they know about the SWEPCO project.

Note: Please see the “How much will your electric rate go up if the SWEPCO line is approved,” a related article on this website.

SWEPCO plans a 345,000 Volt double circuit Transmission Line from Gentry, AR to Berryville, AR. For the second phase SWEPCO will partner with Entergy and Carroll Electric Co-Op to build a 345,000 Volt double circuit transmission line from Berryville, AR to Springfield, MO. Is Empire District Electric part of this master plan? The total cost over the 40 years of the project is $3,000 Million Dollars. SWEPCO says the cost is only $116 Million Dollars for the first line, but that is the cost of construction of the line from 2014 to 2016.

SPP claims, using 2006 data, the Southwest Missouri Flowgate needs more power to increase service reliability which would be mitigated with the Shipe Road Station 345kV Transmission Line to the proposed Kings River Station. SPP ignores the 2008 world wide recession, and solar and wind renewable alternatives, the only safe, affordable, incremental, distributed, smart way to improve service reliability.

Here is the deal: adding transmission lines destroys the environment and economy. Transmission lines increase grid complexity not service reliability. The increased health risks and forest fires are unacceptable. To see and hear the hazards of 345 kV transmission lines, and the report on the 2011 Bastrop fire use:


Today, there are better, proven renewable distributed energy solutions. All you need is look UP feel the Wind and stop taking coal and fossil fuels from the earth. Sun and wind are everywhere. Transmission lines are 1900’s technology.

Why would you want to continue using flawed obsolete systems when most countries have given up on central systems and transmission lines?

Solar and Wind Farms using old architectures with renewable energy sources and Transmission Lines are a dumb idea. Power farms are like pulling a race car with a team of horses, just to keep the horse industry alive. My apologies if you ride horses, or if you are Amish. Horse and buggy is not a bad concept, few moving parts, they look cool specially dressed in black. The thing is that Amish pull buggies, not race cars, and they make great furniture.

Power farms are better than gas and “clean coal” plants, but inferior to distributed, on-site systems, Microgrids and other hybrid solutions that run as part of the grid but have fail safe designs.

No one is using today old dial telephones and land lines. How many cellphones do you have at home? AT&T fought cellphones for several years and is now the leader wireless technology provider.

SWEPCO can continue being a power leader promoting their gridSMART program allowing power sold back to the grid, to increase capacity and service reliability, one solar panel at a time.

This is not rocket science, Frito-Lay in Modesto CA, and Casa Grade AZ, make millions of SunChips bags each day, powered by the Sun. The pizza guy at Eureka Pizza, the first Solar Powered Pizza in AR figured it out. Walmart uses mini wind mills on their parking lots to power the lights, and solar PV panels on the store roofs to power superstores and distribution centers. Apple Computers has a plan to power 100% of their gigantic data centers, using renewable resources.

Unlike highways needed for mass transportation until we have flying vehicles (where are the Jetsons flying cars?) Transmission Lines are obsolete.

Electric utilities abuse the power of Eminent Domain to “acquire” large amount of real state that they sublease to other utilities, without paying taxes on the ROW.

Only eminent domain vulture law firms that fly low near transmission lines looking for clients profit from Eminent Domain legislation, offering services on consignment with 35% fees of the amount over the best offer SWEPCO agents make to land owners. An offer you can’t refuse.

Unless you fly away like the old guy in the UP movie, and even he had problem with the balloons but the little girl with the big glasses was cute. Helium is the last solution when you think about it. Good luck!

I hate to end with some bad news: the total cost of the 345,000 kV loop is $3,000 Million Dollars to be paid by Arkansas and Missouri electric customers, a huge amount which no one can afford. Well, you only have to pay a small part of the $3 billion.

Or, if you rather not pay more for electricity, call ASPC (501) 682-2051, the MO PSC and your utility to stop SWEPCO.

If you have a few minutes left, call Empire District Corporate Communications, Amy Bass at (417) 625 – 5114.

The SWEPCO April 3, 2013 Application with APSC is in Docket 13-041-U.

Here are some important links regarding SWEPCO & SPP in Missouri and the projects that lead up to SWEPCO entering Missouri

2012 SPP STEP: SPP is claiming that the Southwest Missouri Flowgate needs more electricity for reliability, Pages 22 & 32 (Flint to Osage 345 kV transmission line).

2013 SPP STEP: Shows the SWEPCO Transmission Line Project changing from Osage Creek Station to a new 345 kV Kings River Station.

SWEPCO’s April 3, 2013 Application claiming a need in Missouri: Pages 3 and 9.


Brian Johnson Testimony claiming a need for Missouri: pages 19, 33, 34, and 51.

Joseph Paul Hassink Testimony claiming a need for Missouri: pages 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14.

2007 SPP Ozark Transmission Study – Original filing from SPP claiming a need for a 345 kV line in Arkansas to service Arkansas and Missouri: Pages 3, 14, and 19.

It is 2012, where are the all the flying Jetsons cars?

The Pizza Guy figured out, Solar is not rocket science!

Despite horses and buggies, Amish aren't necessarily low-tech.

The fun and games of Eminent Domain

President Obama Revamps $8 Billion Coal Program, July 2, 2013 http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-03/obama-revamps-8-billion-coal-pr...

Reinventing Fire charts a pragmatic course that makes sense and makes money, Rocky Mountain Institute, www.RMI.com

From Coal to Solar Energy, a Blue Print for New Energy Era 2013 to 2050

Apple's plan to power its data centers with 100% renewable energy, http://www.apple.com/environment/renewable-energy/

Apple unveils 18-megawatt solar farm to power cloud data center. Fort Churchill Solar Array is part of Apple's plan to power its data centers with 100% renewable energy, http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9240559/Apple_unveils_18_megawatt...

Walmart Statement by President and CEO Mike Duke Regarding President Obama's Renewable Energy Address, June 25, 2013. Mike Duke loves renewable energy solutions. We applaud the President and his administration for their commitment to renewable energy and conservation. Investing in renewable energy and energy conservation are good for business, good for communities and good for the environment. http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130625-909301.html

Germany has five times as much solar power as the U.S., http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/02/08/germany-has-f...

Fox News Claims Solar Won't Work in America Because It's Not Sunny Like Germany: Solar Map

Ice House Roof, a 300 year old idea that works, http://www.mbmcarpentry.com/blog/why-is-roof-ventilation-so-important-di...
George Washington's Ice House, http://lincolnslunch.blogspot.com/2013/05/george-washingtons-ice-house-a...

Rolf, the Pizza Guy figured it out. Solar Power is not Rocket Science! http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/92662/northwest-arkansas-eureka-...

Solar Panels Help Keep Pizza Prices Low, July 20, 2013, http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2013/jul/20/solar-panels-help-keep-pizza-p...

SunChips, Frito Lay, made in a Solar Powered Plant, a Taste of the Sun; great products with lousy customer service, http://www.fritolay.com/our-planet/snacks-made-with-the-help-of-the-sun....

Bob of the Ozarks, http://ozarker.org/solar-power-in-the-ozarks/

Sun City Solar Energy, Springdale, Arkansas, gridSMART Contractor, http://www.suncityenergy.com/about-us/west-arkansas-office/

Stitt Energy Systems, Rogers, Arkansas, http://www.stittenergy.com/solar-electric-systems-0

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Grain Belt Express High Voltage Lines Across Northern Missouri

I heard about this the other day. The power is coming from wind farms in Eastern Colorado, Western, and Central Kansas. What is the source of SWEPCO's power? Is the power direct current which would suggest it would come from a renewable source or is it alternating current, coming from coal/biomass fired plants? Charles
Public speaks out over power line proposal
by Newsdesk KRCG
Posted: 07.30.2013 at 9:48 PM

MEXICO, MO. -- Almost 200 people showed up in Mexico, Mo. tonight to learn about a project to bring high voltage power lines through their community.

The project, called the Grain Belt Express, would bring high voltage direct current transmission lines across 700 miles from Kansas through North Central Missouri.

According to developers, the Grain Belt Express Clean Line will deliver 3,500 megawatts of wind power from western Kansas to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and states farther east that have strong demand for clean, reliable energy.

Tonight's meeting was one of several planned to educate the community about the plan. Meetings will take place in Hannibal and Monroe City tomorrow.

The project is still in the planning stages, but developers hope to start operating these power lines in 2018.

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